10-th International Salon-circuit of Art
Photography "With Love to Women" - 2015

Organizer:Yuriy TitovetsPhotogallery
2015/123 2015/27 115/2015 L140112


1.Portrait:Photographic images of faces, figured or half-figured images with minimal processing in image editors. Provides the opportunity to use attributes, symbols that amplify the over all figurative description and help to reveal the inner world and psychological state of the depicted faces. Effects used in the classic photography: sepia, monochrome and toning, are allowed. (Child's portraits do not take participation in the contest).

2. Maternity and Family:images of happiness, joy and love, which relates to the expectation and birth of a child in a family, the role of woman in home life as the wife, mother etc.

3. Genre photo:not posed, natural picture of the fixed moment of life, scenes, histories, related to appearance of woman which in fully represents the reality such that it is in actual.

4. Ethno and Travel:images, the subject of which are the impressions of traveler and pictures which he observes during his trips: cultural realities of women, her character, ethnic peculiarities; landscapes, historical monuments, unusual places with the image of woman.

5. Fashion and Glamour:Fashion images, promotion alads and photos of other genres that refer to fashion and the beauty industries that underline the feminine beauty at its best.

6. Nude:Nude images of a naked female body are the perfect embodiment of the ideas about beauty. Provides the opportunity to use particular attributes, symbols that will amplify meaningful tonality of work. Erotic images are allowed but are not to exceed the generally accepted aestheticstandards (as defined by the Jury).


Guo Jing, China - Art Director of the Shangtuf Image and Art Club, Chinese representative of UnitedPhotographers International (UPI), Chineses Chapter President of RoyalPhotographic Society (RPS),international representative of ThePhotographic Society of New York (PSNY)in Zhejiang, China, the member of China Photographers Association (CPA) andPhotograpic Society of America (PSA).

Manolis Metzakis, Greece - AFIAP, President of United Photographers International (UPI), Member of Photograpic Society of America (PSA), the former President of Hellenic Photographic Society of Crete.

Dr.Yuriy Titovets, Ukraine - EsFIAP,Salon Chairman, Founder of the Photogallery PROSTIR, Chairman of Representative office of International Diplomatic Mission «EUROPEAN UKRAINE» in Republic of Cyprus, Member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.

Salon Schedule:

Closing date:08.04.2015
Notification: 19.05.2015
Sending of Catalogs and awards:12.07.2015
Grand opening of the Salon: July- November 2015

Salon Expositions:

Ukraine: Lviv, Kyiv, Odessa, Zaporizhya, Chernihiv, Chernivtsi, Uzhgorod;
Poland: Krakow;
Cyprus: Nicosia;
China: Beijing


FIAP Blue Badge FIAP;
3 sets of medals (gold, silver, bronze);

18 HM Ribbons;
RPS 1 set of medals (gold, silver, bronze);
UPI 1 set of medals (gold, silver, bronze);
6 HM Diplomas;
ISF 1 set of medals (gold, silver, bronze);
6 diplomas;
Grand Prix of Salon

Conditions of participation:

a) Our International Salon – Circuit is open to amateur and professional photographers, who are over 18 are allowed to participate, also photographer’s associations from all over the world are allowed to participate if their works meet the theme and are done according to Salon Terms and Conditions; however, an entry maybe rejected when the sponsoring organization or its agent, in its reasonable discretion, believes the entry does not conform to the exhibition rules and conditions.
b) On Jury’s approval the entrants must send the photographs digitally. By virtue of submitting an entry, the entrant certifies the work as his own and permits the organizers to reproduce all or part of the entered material free of charge for publication in Catalogue or other printed material and/ or display in media, web-site and expositions, related to the Salon.
c) The Salon organizers assume no liability for any misuse of copyright. The organizers of the Salon have the right of reproducing and using the works for the Salon’s publicity and promotion of art.
d) In case of Terms and Conditions violation, the works will not be registered or given to the Jury.
e) Each author is responsible for the legality of the photos.
f) An entrant’s images will be presented to the Judges consecutively. Work of the Jury is conducted behind closed doors. The decision of the Jury is final and not a subject to appeal.

Submitting the Images, Imagesize:

All participants have to upload the files online with our entry-form.
The maximum number of works is four (4) per section (colored and / or monochrome).
Important: Photos must be in JPG file format, 8 BIT, RGB. Entries size requirements:for Portrait format – 2480 x 3508 pixel with 300 dpi, for Landscape format – 2480 x 1748 pixel, File size of every image should not exceed 3Mb. Photographs without required resolution and withoutthe best quality won’t be printed in Catalogue of Salons!

Image file naming:
Our uploading system takes care of naming the files automatically. Each image must have a unique title with maximum 35 chars. Only Latin, English Alphabet are allowed (A-Z, a-z, 0-9). Entries with out a title or having the title “Untitled”, photos with the same title, titles that are only numbers are not allowed and will not be “accepted”.
Important: Inentry-form, address and names of pictures please don’t use invalid characters:/ | : ? “<> ' # №

Payment for participation in Salon:

Special offer for Photo Clubs:

- if in the participation of the Salon take part 10 or more participants from one Photo Club - the participation costs €25,- regardless of the number of sections.

- if in the participation of the Salon take part 35 or more participants from one Photo Club - the participation costs €20,- regardless of the number of sections.

The Catalogs will be sent to them on one (the same) address.


Individual entrance

Club with 10 or more participants

Club with 35 or more participants
1 section 15 EUR

25 EUR

20 EUR

2 sections 20 EUR
3 sections 25 EUR
4 sections 30 EUR
5 sections 35 EUR
6 sections 40 EUR

Terms of payment:
Payment for participations should be done in EUR via PayPal on

Checks are not accepted.
Works by participants who did not pay for participation in the Salon will not be accepted for competition.

Catalogue of Salons:
All participants who have paid the entry fee will receive Catalogue 5***** FIAPranking(168 pages)free of charge.

The results will be published on and will be sent to all participants of Salons by e-mail.



Dr.Yuriy Titovets, EsFIAP,
Salon Chairman.
Tel.:+38 067 670 04 17
Fax:+38 032 242 15 90
Orysya Golumbiievska,
Salon Coordinator
Tel.:+38 068320 37 18

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